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  • Welcome to International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Beijing Normal University!

Division of Responsibilities

Post settings for Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan affairs

Chief Deng Liming oversees general affairs and is responsible for the Action Plan for Invigorating Education in the 21st Century, supported by the Ministry of Education (Project 985).

Deputy Chief Chen Juan is in charge of the execution of international conferences, the Asia-Africa Exchange, the Student Exchange, and of services for those going abroad on public business and/or for study, work, or research.

Deputy Chief Ai Xin is in charge of the International Student Affairs office and the work done there.

Deputy Chief Xiao Kai supervises the European Exchange and the European-Chinese Center. He is in charge of publicity, promotion of the Chinese language abroad, and the related affairs of the Confucius Institutes.

Deputy Chief Shan Lizhen bears responsibility for exchanges with the Americas and the Pacific area, for services involving foreign experts, and for work related to Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

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