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History of ECER

1. Preparation

In August 2004, Institute of Regional Development Planning at University of Stuttgart, and the College of Resources & Technology at BNU discussed about the intent of joint establishment of ECER. In November 2006, Beijing Normal University and City of Triers, Germany, signed a memorandum of cooperation for ECER.

2. Pilot phase

In April 2007, ECER gained support from BMBF and entered the pilot phase. The two sides determined to cooperate mainly in the field of regional development planning. The cooperation model is as follows: professional training, academic education, and scientific research. The major work of the pilot phase includes:
Professional Training: In May 2009, BNU organized fifteen trainees for two-week “Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Emergency Management” training in Europe. In November of the same year, nine participants were sent to Europe for two-week professional training on transportation planning.
Academic Education: Nine outstanding graduates from BNU enrolled in master's programs at the University of Stuttgart in September, 2009. Likewise, in September, 2010, another ten outstanding graduates from BNU enrolled in master's programs at the University of Stuttgart.
Scientific Research: In January 2010, a delegation from Beijing Normal University and Beijing Jiaotong University went to Germany to discuss cooperation in reserch projects and signed letters of intent with representatives of City of Trier, the University of Stuttgart, RWTH Aachen University, the University of Luxembourg, and the German Tech-Cooperation Company (GTZ).

3. Regular Operation Phase

In May 2010, ECER entered the regular operation phase.
Professional Training: In September 2010, three European experts were invited to Beijing Normal University to conduct three-day professional training for the faculty and students of BNU in the areas of in disaster prevention, reduction, and emergency management. In December 2010, another professional training program on “Sustainable Land Use and Integrated Land Use Planning” with two European experts and two Chinese experts was held in Beijing Normal University.
Academic Education: In September, 2011, more and more outstanding graduates from BNU enrolled in master's programs in Europe. In addition, ECER will expand the scope of cooperation between institutions on both sides and strive for more opportunities for Chinese students to obtain degrees in Europe.
Scientific Research: On October 18, 2010, experts from both sides were invited to participate the “Sustainable Urban and Regional Development Forum“ held in Shanghai, which was also the second Think Tank meeting of ECER.

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