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Scientific Research

Scientific Research

ECER’s research goals are to produce high-quality research results, and to realize the integration of education and scientific research. Based on collaborative research, ECER (1) provide suggestions and support for policy making and management of national and regional sustainable development planning; (2) enhance academic exchange and cooperation between European and Chinese scholars; (3) provide a professional internship for participants of ECER’s academic education programs to design and complete their thesis; (4) provide case study materials and teaching materials for professional training and academic education modules in ECER.

The theme of the research: Sustainable Urban and Regional Development

The proposed research theme stems from the following considerations´╝Ü
Important challenges during China’s development process. China is among the world's fastest urbanizing countries. Rational utilization of water resources, water quality and fluvial ecosystem protection becomes serious problems, and even bottleneck for development in many areas. Experiences and lessons from home and abroad and scientific research are needed for solving them. At the same time, widening urban and rural disparities has become a significant problem for Chinese society. Integrated urban rural development, social inclusion of migrants, closely connected to people's livelihood and social stability. Therefore, to find effective policies and management measures to reduce urban and rural areas differences is crucial for sustainable social development.
National disaster prevention and mitigation and emergency management needs. Due to geological structure, climate system and other factors, China has been a disaster-prone country. 1998 Yangtze River floods and 2008 frozen disaster in southern China, Wenchuan earthquake disaster in 2008, snow disasters in northern part of Xinjiang province in 2009-2010, all caused serious personnel and property losses. Therefore, disaster prevention and mitigation and emergency management research, has high priority in national strategies. Natural disaster risk prevention and emergency response planning is becoming an important part in regional planning in many areas.

Main fields of academic education and professional training in ECER. During the pilot phase of ECER, topics of professional trainings included disaster prevention and emergency management, sustainable transportation planning, and sustainable management of land resources; major in academic education was infrastructure planning. ECER will work on more aspects of sustainable development in formal operation phase. The selection of research themes, should consider the need of academic education and professional training, to achieve the mutual support and organic integration of these projects and research work.

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